Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Complaints from Flora Damansara residents taken note by MK Land

Open Letter from MK Land's Saujana Triangle Sdn. Bhd.

WE refer to an article that appeared in StarMetro on Aug 3 with regards to the inspection conducted by Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) on Aug 2 following complaints by residents of Block F, Flora Damansara, Damansara Perdana.

The developer was not invited for the scheduled inspection with MBPJ. However, as the matter had come to our notice, we attended as observers.

It appears that the purpose of the inspection arranged by the residents was to highlight defects at the building. The defects highlighted were mainly leakages and cracks.

Further, we were not approached by any of your representatives present for comments.

The residents complaints dated July 18 should have been addressed to us as the developer (Saujana Triangle Sdn Bhd) and not MK Land Holdings Bhd.

Upon receiving the complaints on July 20, we had already commenced action to resolve the issues and concerns raised. However, the rectification works cannot be carried out instantly.

There is a need for advice from consultants and others as well as a need for verification, observation and monitoring prior to works being carried out.

Our consultant engineers have confirmed that there are no structural defects as contended in the article.

Some of the defects highlighted are due to vandalism.

Nevertheless, we will try to address these complaints.

We also noted that some of the complaints raised have been attended to and rectification works completed.

We have had problems with previous contractors who we have terminated and with a lot of effort have completed the buildings subsequently with new contractors.

With patience, the issues can be resolved in a proper and amicable manner.


Legal Manager

For and on behalf of Saujana Triangle Sdn Bhd


Anonymous said...

Patient, how long do you expect us to wait? Another year or so? Please for heaven sake, just put you act together.

Nurul Syazwani said...

Please check on building D too, the water leakage has resulted my guests room molded the entire wall and she couldnt get any sound sleeps thinking that the wall can colapse anytime.

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