Friday, August 03, 2007

MBPJ to meet Flora Damansara condo owners and builder to resolve problems


News from The Star

THE Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) will arrange for a meeting between the council, residents and the developer of Flora Damansara to resolve issues involving shoddy workmanship of the condominium.

MBPJ officers visited Flora Damansara Block F yesterday to inspect the defects in the structure.
These defects were highlighted in a report that was sent to MBPJ and to MK Land Holdings Bhd on July 18.

See this: Ho pointing out a defect at the
Flora Damansara condominium to MBPJ officers.

The defects include cracks at all floors in the car park area and leakage on the floor below the swimming pool with inoperative surface conduits.

The report also highlighted an incident, which happened on July 1 at around 5.20am where building debris from higher floors fell onto two cars parked below, causing serious damage.

Exposed cables, water seepage and cracks were also pointed out to the MBPJ officers during the inspection.

The Flora Damansara Residents Association pro tem committee will submit the building plans and other documents to the council.

“We would like owners to get in touch with us and provide copies of any complaint that they have filed with the developer,” said Residents Association pro tem chairman Ho Fook Chuan.

The owners can call Ho at 012-297 5597.


Anonymous said...

flora damansara is no staff working???????
i had complain more than one time and one month ago no any one take action ,why?
what are management depatment to do?????? why the light at corridor some on the light erly some are late??? some24 hour on th light some 8pm just on the light is was dangerous !! also cant see the key how can i open my door!!!
is not fair to me!!!

if want to be boss this depatment not only sit on the chair must come and look yourself!!!
or your staff must take some course how to manage this dapatment , you know this not fair for had paid fees for manegment!!!!!if dont want take action again more than before dont want to paid.......

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arrielle_p said...

Hope they fix the problem as soon as they can.

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Nautical Condominiums said...

Safety must be priority.Hope they fix it quickly anyways thanks for sharing the information.

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